Mario Kart Wii
Series Mario Kart
Genre(s) Racing
Platform(s) Wii

Mario Kart Wii (マリオカート Wii, Mario Kāto Wī) is the sixth installment of the Mario Kart series.


Character Unlockable Weight
Baby Mario No Light
Baby Luigi Yes

(Unlock 8 expert staffs)

Baby Peach No
Baby Daisy Yes

(Get ★ on all Wii Cups)

Toad No
Toadette Yes

(Complete Time Trial on 32 courses)

Koopa Troopa No
Dry Bones Yes

(Win the 100cc Leaf Cup)

Mario No Medium
Luigi No
Peach No
Daisy Yes

(Win the 150cc Special Cup)

Yoshi No
Birdo Yes

(Complete Time Trial on 16 courses)

Diddy Kong Yes

(Win the 50cc Lightning Cup)

Bowser Jr. Yes

(Get ★ on all Retro Cups)

Wario No Heavy
Waluigi No
Donkey Kong No
Bowser No
King Boo Yes

(Win the 50cc Star Cup)

Rosalina Yes

(Get ★ on all Mirror Cups) (Save a file of Super Mario Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy 2 will not work))

Funky Kong Yes

(Unlock 4 expert staffs in Time Trial)

Dry Bowser Yes

(Get ★ on all 150cc Wii Cups)