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Penguin Diner

Introduction of Penguin Diner.
Developer(s) 2DPlay
Series Penguin Diner
Genre(s) Service
Platform(s) Computer
Next game Penguin Diner 2

Penguin Diner is a game created by 2DPlay. It is a service game where Penny the waitress serves dishes to the customers.



"While on an Antartica trek, Penny the Penguin lost her way and ended up stuck on top of an icy mountain. She needs to get back home to her family but she's completely broke. She's just landed herself a job as a waitress at the local diner. Help her earn enough money to get her home."

After working 10 days on Hill Top Cafe, she moves to the Ice Rink Cafe for 10 days. Later, works 10 days on Iceberg Cafe.