"Hi there! I'm Penny - Welcome to Penguin Diner!"

Penny, Penguin Diner 3D


Penny in Penguin Diner.
First Game Penguin Diner
Appearances Penguin Diner 2
Penguin Diner 3
Penguin Diner 3D
Gender Female Female
Race Penguin

Penny (or Penny the Penguin) is a playable character first appearing in Penguin Diner.


She is a penguin with a pink hat and apron. Her new appearance in Penguin Diner 3D features her green eyes. She can be dressed in many costumes.


Penguin Diner

In the story, she lost her way, ending up on top of the mountain which she needs help to return to her family. However, she is completely broke. She needs to earn money to go and get her way home.


  • Penny's name is possibly based on the word penguin.
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