Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2

North America's Box art
Developer(s) Nintendo EAD
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Ratings Everyone
Three years or older
All ages
Platform(s) Game Boy Advance
Virtual Console (Wii U)

Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2 (スーパーマリオアドバンス 2) is a game remaked for Super Mario World. The characters introduces the three protagonists, Mario, Luigi and Yoshi.


Princess Peach, Mario and Luigi travels on an air balloon to Yoshi's Island. Luigi used the Cape Feather with his yellow cape on his back. Mario used the Cape Feather and they had fun by flying in the air dodging enemies and their attack. Until they arrived, they noticed a picnic basket left on the ground. They looked around for Peach. However, she is seen nowhere. They inferred that Bowser might have kidnapped the princess. When they entered Yoshi's House, it was noted that he is not home because he came to rescue his friends. The Bros. went to find Yoshi, as thy hit the ? Block realizing that Yoshi was trapped in the Yoshi Egg, he thanked him for rescuing him. Then they continued their journey rescuing his friends and princess by attacking Bowser's minions and himself, Bowser. After Mario defeated Bowser, the princess safely landed to the ground. Then arriving back to Yoshi's home with Mario, Luigi walking with Princess Peach on Yoshi and the Yoshi Eggs. After arriving, the eggs hatched a baby Yoshi, where they start to celebrate.